Welcome to Original Vintage Posters

Vintageposters.com.au is an online poster gallery based in Melbourne, Australia. We have been dealing in Original Vintage Posters since 1992 and have been one of the major forces in the development of the budding Australian market for vintage posters as an element of home decoration.

This simple online sales website is aimed at price conscious buyers wishing to buy original posters of their period at a price up to $1500 dollars. At this price level many of our posters can be found elsewhere as these posters have been found in storage in reasonably large quantities, often 400 to a 1000 and are therefore not considered rare for the moment.

An example is the Bally posters designed by Bernard Villemot , old stocks of some still exist but not for long considering the present demand. A thousand original posters on a world market is quickly depleted and originals once gone are irreplaceable.